~"This isn't science!" Lily cried out, feeling her already aching chest heave with more sobs. "This is madness!"
   "Be quiet, or I'll put you under."
   "I would like that better!"
   "Silence!" The Doctor held a scalpel to her throat. "You will be quiet, or I'll keep you shut up myself! I'll rip your vocal cords out in the most painful manner possible! I'll sew your mouth shut!"
   Lily did not want her mouth sewn shut, so she quieted herself. "How long are you going to take this time, Doctor?"
   "That depends on whether you're going to sit still for me or not." He was busy sharpening his shiny knife.~

   ~Lily walked in, and came to stand beside him. "The Doctor wants to see you next. What are you doing, Tommy?"
   Very gradually, Tommy turned around to face her. In his arms, he held a small white kitten. He looked up at his friend. "Isn't he pretty, Lily?"
   Lily gasped, and carefully bent down to pet the cat. "Oh, Tommy! Where did you find him?"
   Tommy held out the cat for Lily to fondle. "He was out on my window this morning, silly little thing. He's so tiny, Lily. Would you help me take care of him? He needs a home."
   "What if the Doctor finds out about him, Tommy? What do you think he will do to the cat? And us?"
   Tommy stroked the cat's fur, making him purr contentedly. "I don't know, Lily. But this little kitty needs somebody to take care of him, doesn't he?"
   "I guess. The Doctor wants to see you now, though. I can take the cat to my room and keep him there till you get back."
   "Okay, Lily." Standing up, Tommy placed the cat in her arms. "Make sure to take good care of him. Watch him everywhere he goes."
   "What are we going to name him?"
   "Hmm." Tommy scratched the cat behind the ear thoughtfully. "I read a book in the library once, and it talked about some guy named Schrödinger. I thought it was a cool name... could we name him that? Is that okay with you?"
   Lily nodded, going to her own room. "Okay, Tommy."~

   ~"Tommy, you don't have to keep smiling if you're hurting. I never do."
   "Uh." Tommy allowed his head to rest on her leg, clearing his throat almost constantly. He dropped the smile, breathing heavily. "Hey... hey, Lily? Can I ask you something?"
   "Sure." She rubbed in little circles on his back, looking out at the dark night landscape. It was very pretty... if they weren't trapped on this terrible island, it would be. "Ask anything, Tommy?"
   "Have you ever..." He interrupted himself with a cough, then continued as if nothing had ever happened. "Have you ever thought about leaving this place? What life would be like if we... if the Doctor just disappeared, and somebody found us?"
   Tommy grabbed her hand, holding it tightly. "Then why don't we leave, Lily? What's stopping us?"
   "The Doctor. If we ever tried to leave..."
   "But Lily! What's really stopping us? If we went during the night, he couldn't stop us! What's keeping us here?"
   She didn't know.~

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