~When the Doctor had told them that he'd found a way to make them live forever, both Lily and Tommy had thought that was the end of the experiments. But it wasn't so. If anything, the amount of experiments increased. The Doctor excused this as, "Well, I need to find out the limitations of your immortal bodies now. No, there's still much more work to be done!"
   So the experiments continued on, pushing the limits of Lily and Tommy's small bodies. More often than not, they would both be left motionless and sore, not able to move for hours or possibly days. Sometimes waves of pain came with the immobilization. The Doctor wasn't as bad as before with the interaction, but he still didn't allow them more than an hour a day together. Thanks to their nightly visits, however, they  spent more time than that with each other, even if the Doctor didn't know. Because of the pain, they couldn't always go into each other's rooms, but there were times when Lily would leave the door in the wall open, and Schrödinger would go to each of them to comfort them. And when Lily left the door open, it was so much easier for them to hear each other.~

   ~It took a minute for Tommy to answer, but he did, eventually. "I'm still hurting, Lily," he called to her, his voice barely a whisper through the door in the wall. "And you?"
   "It hurts so bad, Tommy."
   "I promised you we're gonna get out of here one day, Lily. I haven't forgot about that. Okay? Just hang on, Lily."~

   ~He pulled his hand up, and to both of the kids' surprise, he had Schrödinger by the scruff of the neck. "Who brought this repulsive creature into my home? I hate cats!"
   Tommy and Lily just looked at each other, not saying anything.
   "So no one knows, huh?"
   "Don't hurt him!" Tommy begged. "Please don't hurt him!"
   "So, this is your abomination, eh? Well, speak up!"
   Lily stepped forward. She wouldn't let Tommy go down alone. "He's mine, too, Doctor!"
   "Lily," Tommy began, "what are you--"
   "Cats! Children! You're all horrible little monsters!" The Doctor dropped Schrödinger on the couch, and grabbed each of the two children by the backs of their shirts. "You're more trouble than you're worth!"~

   ~He bound their hands in fetters connected to chains, and chained those to the wall. He then left, with one last threat echoing off the walls in his booming voice: "You brats won't see daylight for the rest of your pathetic lives!"~

   ~She jumped, though she didn't get far, thanks to the chains. "Who's there?" she managed to call out. "Who are you?"
   It's me, Lily! Tommy! I discovered I can talk to you with my mind.
   Lily cried out. "I'm going mad!"
   No, you're not! I really am talking to you. And, listen... I have something to tell you. Those experiments the Doctor did on you-- they gave you powers! Go ahead, see what you can do.~

   ~Perfect. Come get me, okay? I think the Doctor's asleep.
   "Why come get you?"
   Lily, I'm finally making my promise come true.
   She didn't understand. "What do you mean, Tommy?"
   I'm taking you away from here.
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