~When Lily wasn't being experimented on herself, the Doctor would take Tommy to be experimented on. Lily would beg him not to make Tommy shout or cry. The Doctor would always give her that sadistic smile, holding up his scalpel. "We'll see if he can take it, Flower," he would tell her, dragging Tommy off to the operating room.
   Lily would run to her own room, fast as her little legs could carry her, even if they began to burn with a horrid ache. She would race back to her room, and shriek herself. She yelled until the point that it hurt her throat to talk, and the vibrating of her vocal cords was too much for her to bear; until she was forced by her small body's limitations to stop. She would throw herself on the bed and kick at the walls. She bounced on the bed until it hurt her bottom, trying to creak the loose springs as loud as was possible. She dove into the closet, shut the door, and buried her face in a pillow, maybe even two, leaned her head against the wall, and pressed her hands to her ears. She sobbed, the tears making white streaks down her face, washing off the dirt, until she had no more tears left. But none of it worked.
   Nothing blocked out Tommy's tortured, eardrum-shattering screams.~

   ~Did she hate the Doctor for doing all this? Did she harbor malice against him for all that he put her and Tommy through? Of course... with every cell of her tiny body, she abhorred the man. He was sick and twisted, and ought to be carted off to the crazy corral. But her desire to keep Tommy smiling was far greater than her loathing for the Doctor.

   So she simply gritted her teeth and bore it for Tommy's sake. It didn't seem that he truly cared about it, past the screaming when he was being experimented on. He almost always had a smile on his face when Lily saw him. So Lily tried to do the same. She very nearly always smiled when she was with Tommy. He was her best friend, and her constant playmate when they were free.
   Lily often wondered why Tommy acted so much younger than she was; when, in reality, he was older. He was seven, and she was six. She wasn't sure how long she'd been on Kuro Bara, but she knew it was slightly longer than Tommy. She had lived here a while, being researched upon, and then Tommy had just shown up one day.
   Lily contemplated what life on the outside was like.~

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