The mysterious and dangerous Doctor

Dr. Cedric Valdez

Dr. Cedric Valdez is a certified biologist. He specializes mostly in botany and physiology. His permanent residence is on the island of Kuro Bara, which he named himself. Thanks to his experiments, he has bred many different flowers of unique colors-- specifically, the black roses that grow on the island.
He moved to the uninhabited island not a month after his wife, Mara Valdez (née Kumo), divorced him. A bitter man, he abducted two orphans, Lily and Thomas, and began to carry out human experiments. He attempted to stop Lily and Tommy from escaping, but only managed to keep Tommy behind.
Several years before Lily comes back to the island, Cedric develops a terminal illness. He dies shortly before Lily returns, in the arms of both Tommy and Mara. He and Mara both admit that they miss each other and still have feelings for each other, and then he dies.
Tommy buries him in a grave with five roses on it: red, for Mara's love; blue, for Tommy's sorrow; white, for Lily's purity; gold, to symbolize the Doctor's redeeming nature; and black, to represent the entire island of his creation.