Fujiwara no Midori

What the author WISHES she looked like!
Wow, what to say first? Well, as you probably guessed, Fujiwara no Midori isn't my real name. Do you wanna know my real name? Well, you're not getting it.
But, let's see what I can give you... Well, I live in a pretty small town. My parents are divorced, and I have a little brother, who also has a website, and he is nicknamed EmoNinja25. I'm not going to tell you how old I am, but you'd be right to guess that I don't have a job.
And before I get any messages from those spammers and creepy perverts out there: STAY AWAY. Unless you are offering praise for my novel or genuine interest in my personality, DO NOT ENTER MY SITE AND DO NOT SPAM ME WITH NEGATIVE COMMENTS OR ADVERTISEMENTS. The last thing I need is some creepy perv stalking me online, so keep out of here unless you're interested in my stuff. If you are a creepy perv or a spam bot, LEAVE NOW. You'll save us both a lot of trouble.
For other purposes, those of you who are actually good people may require my e-mail address. So I'm going to give it to you, OK? But if I start getting my inbox full of spam and junk mail, I will take it down. Consider yourselves WARNED. You can reach me at pharaohs.queen@gmail.com OR hakuspreciousperson@gmail.com. Both of these accounts are active, and I don't care which one you use. I warn you, though, to use pharaohs.queen, since it's the one I check most often.
Have fun poking around the site, and I look forward to NICE, POSITIVE, CONSTRUCTIVE criticism!
~Fujiwara no Midori - chan ^^