Lily's foster parents
Lily and Tommy's kitten
The Doctor's ex-wife

Taro and Mida Andros

Taro (right) and Mida (left) Andros, husband and wife, first adopted Lily when she was seven years old, and raised her since that time. They are members of an elite church militia devoted to wiping out injustice. They both used to be members of the police force on the Japanese island of Okinawa, where Lily is taken when she gets rescued. They encourage her to search for Tommy, and provide her funds to go back to Kuro Bara, as well as supplying her with a gun should there be any trouble.


A kitten that Tommy found when he and Lily were children. He is named after the physicist Erwin Schrödinger's famous Schrödinger's cat experiment, as Tommy read something about it in a book and thought it was a cute name. Schrödinger seems to be able to sense when Tommy is in danger, and is extremely protective of Lily.

Dr. Mara Valdez (née Kumo)

Dr. Mara Valdez, maiden name Kumo, is a certified M.D., and was formerly Dr. Cedric Valdez's wife. Due to irreconcilable differences, she divorced him after three years. She is barren, so they never had any children. She holds her ex-husband in her arms as he dies, admitting that she never stopped loving him, even if some of the things he did were very questionable. Shortly after, she offers to adopt Tommy, but when he declines, she leaves Kuro Bara for the island of St. Croix.

Yukimi Sorako

Better known as either "Yu Manda" (a tribute to the anime D. Gray Man) or Loverly, Yukimi Sorako is Lily's best friend when she attends high school on Okinawa. She is a cosplay fanatic and loves to quote her favorite anime characters. She initially tries to discourage Lily from finding Tommy, saying that it's too dangerous, but when she sees how in love her friend is, she supports Lily all the way.