~On the rare days that the Doctor didn't feel well, Lily and Tommy could do as they pleased. Lily found it quite ironic, actually; a doctor who got sick and couldn't get himself better. Since there wasn't much he could do to stop them from gallivanting all over the place, they got to go wherever they wanted to. They got to do whatever they wanted. For a day or two, they were free children.
   Today was one of those days. If the Doctor didn't come to get one of them by about ten in the morning, which Lily could tell from the clock in her room, they were to assume he was ill for the day. It was ten-thirty now.
   Lily hopped up from her bed, and went through her and Tommy's secret door, with Schrödinger in close pursuit. Tommy was by the glass-covered window, looking outside. It was a fairly nice day out; the sun shone in the sky, the wind blew mildly, but not too hard... the only thing the outside was missing was a few kids and a cat to ply tag along the seashore.

   ~"Why don't we go out back into the Doctor's garden? You know, the place where he grows all those different colored flowers?"
   "That sounds nice, I guess. Do you know how to get there? I don't."
   "Oh, sure! When you're not with me, I go there all the time. And when the Doctor's experimenting on you, I go out there to pray for you."
   "Pray to who? Which god do you believe in?"
   Tommy shrugged, leading her and their cat to the back of the building, where there was obviously a door to take them to the garden. "Any one who'll listen."~

   ~Flower petals of a rainbow of colors swirled up around them as the wind picked up slightly. It blew their hair around their faces. Lily decided she liked the way Tommy's hair flew around his face, and Tommy decided he liked the way Lily's hair flew around her face.
   It was Tommy who finally spoke after a while. "You know, Lily," he commented with a sigh, "I don't really mind it here, as long as I'm with you. But... I wanna promise you something."
   Lily looked over at him, blinking. "What's that, Tommy?"
   "I promise you... one day, I'm gonna take you away from here. Away from all this. We can take these black roses with us, and when we get a house, we can plant them there." Tommy put his arms around Lily, hugging her tightly. "We're not gonna be here forever. I promise."~

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